How to use artwork to make a powerful healing space.

How to use artwork to make a powerful healing space.

It's easy to become overwhelmed and get swept up in all the day to day busyness. What you hang on your walls can be more than just decoration. Using an artwork, you can create an environment that acts as a pause button, to side-step the noise and hear your own inner wisdom. Here's how in 6 steps:

Claim your corner

1. It doesn’t need to be a room, a tiny corner will do. Claim your corner with intention- make it where you spend most of your time- near your desk or in a corner of the kitchen…





place to sit2. Make sure you can sit comfortably in your space- make an inviting place to rest. A chair, beautiful cushion or sheepskin to sit on.






choose the art3. Choose the artwork that speaks to you. Place your artwork where you can see it easily- make it eye level from where you’ll be sitting. 





gather things4. Gather things for your space. Find things that echo the colours in the painting, or offer you a tactile link, (like feathers, stones, shells, plants or candles). Embellish your corner. This process will take a little of your corner’s magic out into the world with you and you’ll be connecting to its grounding presence as you go about your day. 



spend time

5. Spend time in your space. It can literally be a couple of minutes, or a sit down and 5 breaths every time you pass it. If you have longer even better. Try to develop an awareness of your thoughts when your'e in your space with no judgement. Can you anchor your attention on the artwork infront of you? Consider the colours, shapes, textures... Even a few second’s pause will change your day. Frequency is key.


how you feel6. Notice how you feel after you have been in your corner. Perhaps you’re aware of physical changes in tension and breath or maybe you are able to think more clearly. See what comes up for you with no judgement. Before you leave your space, send some gratitude to yourself and all the elements that make this a haven for you.



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