Hello, I'm Helena. 

I have spent a lifetime teaching art and creating artwork for all manner of clients, from personal commissions, to The Sunday Times and even TV shows but the theme that keeps me coming back to my studio (and to myself), is wellbeing. 

I’ve learnt the hard way, through many cycles of burnout, that finding a way of living more aligned with nature is essential for my health and the planet, although it’s ongoing work! 

Each low-patch has taught me about my own and our culture’s unsustainable ways of living and what’s REALLY important. My passion for us to live a fulfilling, truly meaningful, balanced life in the face of a fast-paced, competitive, consumer culture is behind everything I make. I hope that either in person, through a workshop; or by enjoying one of my artworks, that you can press pause and feel able to shed the armour that living in a manic, materialistic world necessitates and find a more vulnerable and authentic way to be.

My original paintings and workshops invite you to slow down. Take a breath. Notice the magic moments around you. And receive the nourishment that connection to nature and the universe offers.

To read more about my personal journey, check out my blog post: Are You Living With a Viscous Bully Too?

If you have a project or commission you would like to discuss, or just fancy getting in touch to say hi, please drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.