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Grey Daggers Spell. A Spell for Strength

Hold these elements close to help you gather your strength. The inviting stone branded with nature’s own ancient rune, fills your palm with its cool weight. The dried campion was traditionally used in the wicks of oil lamps. Use it to light your way as you navigate the thorns in your path. The oil gleam of the delicate black feather echos the dagger markings and colours of the Grey Daggers Moth. The small oyster shell, has a tiny landscape of its own on its back. May you have the strength to carry what matters to you, with you always.

You feel your shoulders drop, your face relax, as if the painting is whispering its magic in your ear. A spell that shows how fleeting your chaos is and how part of this magical, natural world you are. 

You let your eyes close, take a breath and begin your work with a smile on your lips. You know the magic will be there for you whenever you need to press pause, and your day will be all the better for it. 

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