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August Thorn Spell. Spell for Faithfulness

You’ve finally sat down after a busy morning and your to do list is SO massive you don’t know where to start. On top of all the work things you have to tackle, you have shopping to do, a birthday you need to find a present for and a stack of messages you need to respond to… it all feels too much...

Then you notice the painting on the wall behind your screen. Your eye follows the lines of the shapes, slowing down and resting on an unexpected pop of colour, a tiny detailed mark you hadn’t noticed before. Your breathing deepens. Your mind is flooded with the elements in the painting that were here before you and will be here beyond you.

You feel your shoulders drop, your face relax, as if the painting is whispering its magic in your ear. A spell that shows how fleeting your chaos is and how part of this magical, natural world you are. 

You let your eyes close, take a breath and begin your work with a smile on your lips. You know the magic will be there for you whenever you need to press pause, and your day will be all the better for it. 

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