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Helena Perry

August Thorn Spell. Spell for Faithfulness

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This timeless assemblage of everyday natural treasures transports you from your manmade surroundings to the wonder of discovering a precious shell, the tactile thrill of finding a special stone or feather and the magic that ensues when you bring all the ingredients together. Perhaps an ancient language or spell is invoked, or simply a reminder that these wonders offer us a different perspective on life.

I was walking through long grass and when I looked down, this beautiful jay feather was tucked inside my wedding ring! It was like receiving an angelic hug. Jays pair for life. The August Thorn moth is a UK native and can be found throughout most of Britain. The limpet shell has been predated, probably by a dog whelk, making it a ring, a symbol of oneness. This is a spell to strengthen your faith in yourself and the cycle of life. Even the dull stone contains bands of light and decomposing wood gives life to bright lichen.

Watercolour, gouache and colouring pencil with gold leaf embellishment. Signed by the artist. The painting is 21.5 x 27.5 cms.

Available framed and ready to hang. Please allow an additional week for framing. (Framed price is for standard framing only. Additional mounts, Artglass or other choices may increase price slightly.)

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"Beautiful for both the eyes and the mind!"