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Drawing As Meditation

Take advantage of the better than HALF PRICE offer! Only till 18th April

Discover what’s going on in your brain and body and how to harness the the power of your pencil to guide you into peace.

  • Do you struggle to switch off?
  • Do you find yourself ruminating and overthinking?
  • Do you find it hard to prioritise making time for yourself?
  • Have you tried meditating or mindful practices but nothing sticks?
  • Are you ready to make a change for better balance in your life?

Join me for a 3 week ONLINE course, where through learning some brain basics, practical exercises, regular homework and reflection, with the warm support of a group of like-minded people, you can create powerful lasting change to experience more peace. 

The great news is you don’t need ANY drawing experience or expertise at all! Your pencil is simply your tool to show you what’s going on in your head.

In this course you will:

✔︎ Experience the pure joy of the present moment and how to get there whenever you want

✔︎ Feel the transformative benefits of regular mindful practice, that you integrate into each day

✔︎ Enjoy the support of a like-minded group, where you can celebrate your wins, ask questions and receive support every day for 3 weeks

✔︎ See the world through fresh eyes and feel the neurological, emotional and physical benefits of  healthier thought patterns

✔︎ Understand what’s going on in your brain and body and how to use this knowledge to make lasting change in your life

I have been a practising artist and teacher for over 20 years. Over this time I have encountered some challenging emotional lows and cycles of burnout. To help myself recover I began to delve into the world of self-help, getting familiar with psychology and many therapies from parts-work to somatic healing and everything in between. 

The more I learnt, the more I began to see the parallels between various healing modalities, research into the brain and what observational drawing did for me. I realised the most powerful route to recovery was my drawing practice. And applying all I had learnt to how I approach the page, helped me create a healthier way of living and a practice that was so much easier to maintain than the many meditation and mindful techniques I have tried.

Using my pencil as a portal to the present has been the most effective way for me to stay healthy and lean into the fullness of life. I’d love to share this magic with you too.

This is not a step by step drawing course. It goes far beyond that… you will discover transformative benefits… 

Like Anath: “The sessions have really stirred-up some internal 'knots' that I wish to undo over time. The techniques you taught will definitely be something that I cultivate and practice.” 

Like Jane: “I felt more relaxed after each session”

Or Erin: “I realised I have a “right” to be and act in the present moment rather than just be productive like my inner-critic was shouting at me. This course has been a delight which has helped me see so much joy.”

Here’s exactly how it’s will work, week by week…

Week 1

You’ll start by joining the private Facebook Group, where you can meet like-minded people, share your wins, and use your accountability to the group to help create change.

Online Class - 11am Thursday 25th April 2024

A 2hr deep dive to kick-start the course. Explore how our brain functions, the mind-body connection and how to use the science to support you in understanding what’s going on for you.

We’ll experience several mini-meditations to apply your learning and help you embody the theory for yourself. (Available as a replay if you can't make it in person).


You’ll be set 2 tasks to follow on from the online class and you decide the frequency that you will complete them to realistically integrate into your life, setting yourself up for success.

You will receive a guided MP3 to support you.


Week 2

Between sessions you are encouraged to share your homework findings in the Facebook Group, celebrate your wins and ask for further guidance if needed. You will have daily access to my support in the group, so I can help you flourish fast.

Online Class - 11am Thursday 2nd May 2024

A 1.5hr online session building on what we covered last session, to consolidate your learning. We look in more depth at how to increase our happiness and break negative thought patterns. 

We’ll get practical with our pencils so you can begin to see your own potential. Advice on how to choose and approach a subject, so you set yourself up to succeed. (Available as a replay if you can't make it in person).


You’ll be set some short achievable tasks to continue the process of consolidating your learning and building a new regular beneficial habit, with two guided MP3s for support.


Week 3

You’ll receive support and fun tips to help integrate the homework into your life via the Facebook Group. You’ll also have daily access to me for extra help or to answer questions.

Online Class - 11am Thursday 9th May

1.5 online session via Zoom. An opportunity to experience a longer practice, apply all you have learnt and get tailored help with anything you’re struggling with. Some realistic and practical ways to move forward beyond the course and use all you have learnt in your daily life. (Available as a replay if you can't make it in person).

Homework and Beyond

A further guided MP3 which you can continue to use beyond the course to sustain your practice.

Facebook group access for a further week, so you can still benefit from the support of the group as you move beyond the course.

An extra bonus!

I really want to see you succeed and create the lasting change you long for. So to help motivate you, anyone who attends all the sessions and completes all their homework (remember you set your own frequency of homework around your life) will be entered into a prize draw! Join me live on Zoom one last time as I draw the winner at 11am Thursday 16th May.

Key Information

  • 3 week online course with 3 live Zoom sessions (1x2hr and 2x1.5hr)
  • Lifetime access to 4 different guided drawing meditation MP3s 
  • Access to all the recordings of our online sessions
  • A closed pop-up Facebook Group, where you can celebrate your wins with your classmates and benefit from the accountability to help you cement change
  • Daily access to my help via the Facebook Group, where I can answer questions and tailor material to help you succeed

This course is valued at £188, but as an introductory offer, I am pricing it at JUST £79! Only until April 18th. That's LESS than half price and it will NEVER be such a low price again!

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"Beautiful for both the eyes and the mind!"