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Drawing for Wellbeing Workshop Series


In our hectic world it’s all too easy to operate at an unsustainable pace, living with constant low-level anxiety. It’s hard to step off the treadmill to find peace, presence and joy. This is exactly why I’ve created the Drawing for Wellbeing Workshop Series. To help you live the most beautiful intentional life possible.

☹️Are you sick of feeling like you always have more to do? 

☹️Maybe you’re longing for a way to give yourself a break and actually enjoy it!

☹️Perhaps you’re a worrier and you find yourself stuck in unhelpful, self-destructive thought loops

☹️Maybe you’ve tried lots of different techniques, but you struggle to put them into practice and nothing really sticks?

In this workshop series you actually experience your learning, through practical exercises, regular homework and reflection, with the warm support of a small group of like-minded people. 

You’ll develop a wellbeing practice you integrate into your life at your pace, using the accountability and support of the group to help you make real change.

Together, we’ll look at the work of renowned art educator Betty Edwards, professor of psychology Dr Kristen Neff and neuroanatomist Dr Jill Botle-Taylor; to understand the science of how we get in our own way and crucially we’ll put their work into practice, to help us side-step self-sabotage and move away from brain-fog.

You’ll learn multiple ways to access peace whenever you need it, increase your happiness and feel more like you’re fully invested in the experience of life.

Here’s the great news, you don’t need any drawing experience or expertise at all!

⭐️Instead you’ll break free from seeing your output as your worth.

⭐️You’ll feel the potency of putting pencil to paper and what that can ignite in you.

⭐️You’ll strengthen the connection to your heart and create space to tune into your own wisdom.

I have spent a lifetime creating and teaching art professionally, working for all sorts of clients from personal commissions to The Sunday Times. After many cycles of burnout and a realisation that I was living with a constant feeling of overwhelm, my body finally said enough and I got so ill I was forced to stop and reflect. 

I embarked upon a ton of study to help myself recover. The more I learnt, the more I began to see the parallels between various healing modalities, the latest research into the brain and what observational drawing did for me. I realised the quickest route to recovery was my drawing practice. And applying all I had learnt to how I approach the page, helped me embody what I had only intellectually grasped through study. Using my pencil as a portal to the present has been the most effective way for me to stay healthy and lean into the fullness of the joy of life.

This course is not for you if you’re looking for a step by step how to draw class. It goes far beyond that… you will discover transformative benefits like never before… 

Like Pippa: “I achieved my intention and MORE than I expected. I hadn’t thought I would address the inner-critic, learn compassion for her and therefore increase my confidence and enjoyment.”

Like Anath: “The sessions have really stirred up some internal 'knots' that I wish to undo over time. The techniques you taught will definitely be something that I cultivate and practice.” 

Like Jane: “I felt more relaxed after each session”

Or Erin: “I realised I have a “right” to be and act in the present moment rather than just be productive like my inner-critic was shouting at me. This course has been a delight which has helped me see so much joy.”

These are just some of the results that participants have experienced- (scroll down to read over 35 5 ⭐️ ratings)

Here’s exactly how it’s will work, week by week…

Through a mix of in person and online sessions:

Week 1

IN-PERSON 2.5 hr workshop: 

  • Make the sketchbook which you’ll fill during the course. See what your hands can do, learn a skill and be empowered to create your own beautiful bespoke book in just a couple of hours.
  • How to use the self-care postcards so you can connect with your self-compassion in the most challenging moments, to support yourself, wherever you are.

Week 2

Online 1.5 hr session

  • Introducing key concepts to reawaken parts of your brain that have been dormant so you can begin to find balance in your life.
  • A practical exploration of some of the work of renowned art instructor Betty Edwards so you can unlock your brain’s potential.
  • Several different short meditations to help you witness what’s going on in your brain
  • Introduction to the power of gratitude to access deep feelings of wellbeing

Week 3

IN-PERSON 2.5 hr workshop

  • Breaking free from judgement. Working with the present moment to experience a cognitive shift, helping you choose different responses and lift brain-fog.
  • Exploring how you use a pencil to help you respond with intention.
  • Applying what you’ve learnt to working with ink to explore a different media
  • Learn short-cuts to working with your nervous system that you can use everyday, to unlock your ability to self-regulate.

Week 4

Online 1.5 session

  • An introduction to the work of renowned professor of psychology Dr Kristen Neff, and how her discoveries are radically life-changing
  • Experiencing the power of self-compassion to live more joyfully and with greater success.
  • Understanding how you are holding yourself back and how to observe and change life-long patterns
  • Guided practical drawing exercises to embody and experience what we’ve learnt

Week 5

IN-PERSON 2.5hr workshop

  • A radical re-frame that is a shortcut to accurate observational drawing the secret to great composition and more balanced living.
  • Lots of opportunity and exercises to experience this cognitive shift to for yourself.

Weel 6

Online 1.5 session

  • Introducing the work of renowned neuroanatomist Dr Jill Bolte Taylor. Meet the characters in your head and learn how to choose who’s in the driving seat.
  • A powerful 15min meditation to help you break free from self-criticism so you can inhabit your fullest most authentic self
  • Practical guided drawing experience to consolidate what we have learnt so far.

Week 7

IN PERSON 2.5 hr workshop

  • Rendering three dimensions. Introduction to tone and how it fits with what we’ve learnt so far
  • Bringing everything we have covered together to consolidate your learning.
  • Taking your learning forward. How to integrate your practice into your everyday life so you can live as intentionally as possible.

Key Information

  • 7 Week workshop Series: 4 in person sessions* and 3 online sessions over zoom
  • Lifetime access to 3 different guided drawing meditations MP3s 
  • Lifetime access to all the recordings of our online sessions
  • All drawing equipment included
  • All your bookbinding materials
  • A set of self-care postcards (worth £18)
  • Access to a closed pop up Facebook group, where you can celebrate your wins with your classmates and benefit from the accountability to help you cement change
  • Access to extra guidance and support from me should you need it, between sessions, via email or in our closed FB group

*Location: Studio 4, Stapleford Granary, Bury Road, CB22 5BP. Just south of Cambridge, UK. We will be using a beautiful art studio set in the Cambridgeshire countryside with a lovely café and art gallery onsite.

Time: Sunday mornings 10.00am-12.30

Sound good? There are only ever 8 places on this course, so you can get the best teaching experience and studio space possible. Grab your spot now to avoid disappointment.


*Please make sure you have read through the course description above, the FAQs and answered any queries before you commit to buy.*

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