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Helena Perry

Mother Shipton

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8.5cm x 13.5cms

Watercolour, gouache, coloured pencil and gold leaf on board.

The most brilliantly named moth: the white markings on the wings are said to resemble the side profile of a legendary 16th century Yorkshire prophetess, known as Mother Shipton. I love the historical connection through the moth’s name. The white pattern on the wings almost glows against the more subtle brown, orange and purple hues.

These exquisite little paintings showcase the beauty of our native moths. Their patterns and colouring is almost jewel-like and as most are nocturnal often completely unknown.  Their modest beauty, sometimes evocative names and nocturnal secrecy fascinates me. They may be overshadowed by their better-known cousins, butterflies but there are currently 2500 moth species to 59 butterflies species in the UK.

I love pattern and embellishment and have extended a lace-like design around each moth, echoing their colours and shapes. I wanted to accentuate the feeling of their preciousness by including gold leaf, which makes the paintings dance in the light.

These come carefully wrapped, signed and unframed.

They would look best framed with a large white mount, to help accentuate the painting. Please get in touch if any framing guidance would be helpful.

Delivery is by Royal Mail tracked and signed.

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"Beautiful for both the eyes and the mind!"