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Helena Perry

Spell for Endurance Print

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An A3 sized Giclée print, from my original painting. Printed on beautiful archival quality watercolour paper with vibrant inks.

A centrepiece for your personal altar, where the bringing together of these 8 elements, is an invitation to come fully into the present moment, revel in the wonder of nature and draw the strength of endurance into your own life. The ingredients in this spell show extraordinary adaptation, ability to survive and thrive: from the ginkgo leaf fossil, the oldest living tree species; to the bindweed, which can regenerate from the tiniest fragment of plant. The cherry twig in bud captures the fleeting moment of the sap rising and the hope brought by the return of spring. The subtly patterned feather is from a jay: shy, exotic looking woodland birds that pair for life and are essential for the endurance of oak trees, which sprout and spread from their winter caches. The stitch-in-air needlepoint lace is an example of a form of expression and local identity that has not endured. 

Read in detail about the symbolic significance of each ingredient here.

Watch the creation of this piece from start to finish in less than 5 minutes here. 

Available framed and ready to hang. Please allow an additional week for framing. (Framed price is for standard framing only. Additional mounts, Artglass or other choices may increase price slightly.)

Delivery is by Royal Mail tracked.

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