Seasonal overwhelm and a lesson from the gods, I mean dogs.

Seasonal overwhelm and a lesson from the gods, I mean dogs.

I wish April and May were twice as long. They are my favourite months.
The freshness, the growth, the birdsong, the fragile warmth. But I must confess, as someone who’s constantly looking for elements to include in my paintings, I also find it totally overwhelming! So much to see, every plant changing so much and all the animals so busy! I feel like I need to retreat to a quiet dark room to process everything that's happening! 

My plant in this week’s painting session was actually changing in front of my eyes! And that’s before we get onto all the moths!

It’s nearly time for me to start moth trapping again. It’s so exciting to see what’s flying at night, but the sheer number of moths, ALL so beautiful and only one very slow me with limited time to identify, document them and try to work from them live! I love painting them alive. They each have different characters and it’s like getting to know someone- a whole dimension of understanding that a book can’t give you. On a good night, there may be several hundred in the trap! Choosing between them, is an exercise in letting go!

I’m trying to zoom out more this May and appreciate the bigger picture. You can actually see the plants growing each day and rather than worry that the moment to paint a pristine fragment of emerging foliage is passing, I’m trying to enjoy letting the details slip through my fingers a bit like sand as I trust the bigger picture and hope that the springs I have ahead of me are enough to soak up all the wonder.


It’s a fabulous time of year to see things with a fresh perspective. I’m currently running my Drawing As Meditation Course and I'm finding it really helpful for me too:

To tune into the change of seasons, embrace all the growth and revel in the beauty. If you like the sound of being guided to see the world differently, through your sketchbook and want to learn about the real health and happiness benefits that are waiting for you between the pages, have a look at my course description. If you want priority access to the next course, make sure you subscribe to my mailing list, where I always release things first.

Here's my beautiful wise old dog, who has definitely been enjoying the energy of spring. Showing me how to smell the roses (or in her case, taste the puddles) and fully lean into the wonder and acceptance of spring. A special masterclass from the comfort of my own studio!


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